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Frequently Asked Questions
 1.) What Adapter Kit do I need for my particular engine?
 2.) What do I do if the Prop Slots are too big or too small for my prop?
 3.) Do you have a Spinner to fit a Three Blade or Four Blade prop?
 4.) What Shape looks best on my airplane?
 5.) What can I do if my Engine Shaft is Too Short to mount a spinner?
 6.) How much do I Tighten the Cone Retaining Screw?
 7.) How tight do I tighten the Prop Nut and/or Jam Nut of my adapter?
 8.) What do I do to get the optional Drive Pin Holes In my backplate?
 9.) Do I have to drill the Six Bolt in my backplate?
 10.) Can you repair my Bent Spinner ?
 11.) Do I need to Balance my spinner?
 12.) Can I Modify my Prop Slots just a little bit?
 13.) Can I Paint my spinner? If so, what do I need to do?

 14.) Can I Purchase another Cone Screw or Bushing?

 15.) Can I use Another Brand of Adapter or Hardware Screw?
 16.) Why won't my adapter nut fit my engine shaft threads?
 17.) Should an Adapter Kit Last Forever or be replaced from time to time?
 18.) Why does my cone bulge at the top of the Prop Slots? (see #6)
 19.) Can you Lighten my spinner?
 20.) Can I order a Special Shape for my special project?
 21.) Does Tru-Turn supply Bushings For Props with odd holes?
 22.) How can I tell Coarse from Fine Threads on my engine shaft.  (see #16)
 23.) Will you Modify my Brand X spinner for me?
 24.) Can you convert my Six Bolt drive hub to Single Bolt ?
 25.) Can you Straighten my crankshaft?
 26.) Can you tell me what Prop to Use on my engine?
 27.) Do you Sell Props? (same as #26)
 28.) Why wasn't there an Adapter Kit in my Spinner package?
 29.) Do you Polish Spinners?
 30.) Can you make a HeavierSpinner or Prop Hub?
31.) What is the difference between a prop nut and a prop hub?

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